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The Ultimate Guide to Winning More Games in FC 24: 5 Tips from Professional Players

Jessie January 25th, 2024 FIFA    FIFA Coins   

FC 24 is the latest installment of the popular soccer game series from EA Sports, featuring new gameplay features, modes, and graphics. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, you've probably found a great way to earn FC 24 coins, but you'll also need some tips to improve your skills and win more games. In this article, we will share with you five pro tips that can help you achieve your goals in FC 24.


1. Use the Meta Formations

One of the most important aspects of FC 24 is choosing the right formation for your team. The formation determines how your players are positioned on the pitch, and how they interact with each other. Different formations have different strengths and weaknesses, and some are more suited for certain play styles than others.


The meta formations in FC 24 are the ones that have four defenders, three or four midfielders, and two or three forwards. These formations are balanced, versatile, and effective in both attack and defense. Some of the most popular meta formations are:


• 4-2-3-1: This formation is ideal for possession-based play, as it provides a lot of passing options and control in the midfield. The two defensive midfielders can shield the backline and intercept the opponent's attacks, while the three attacking midfielders can support the lone striker and create chances. The striker should have good pace, finishing, and movement, while the attacking midfielders should have good passing, dribbling, and shooting.


• 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow): This formation is ideal for fast and direct play, as it allows you to exploit the central areas of the pitch with quick passes and runs. The defensive midfielder can act as a pivot and distribute the ball to the other midfielders, who can then link up with the two strikers. The strikers should have good chemistry, pace, and finishing, while the central attacking midfielder should have good vision, creativity, and shooting.


• 4-3-3 (attack): This formation is ideal for aggressive and dynamic play, as it gives you a lot of width and depth in the attack. The three forwards can stretch the opponent's defense and create space for each other, while the central midfielder can join the attack and act as a playmaker. The forwards should have good pace, dribbling, and shooting, while the central midfielder should have good passing, long shots, and stamina.


2. Let Tactics Do the Defending for You

Defending is one of the biggest challenges in FC 24, as the game requires more manual input and skill from the player. However, you can make your life easier by using the right tactics and instructions for your players. Tactics and instructions allow you to customize how your team behaves on the pitch, and how they react to different situations.


The best tactics and instructions for defending in FC 24 are:


• Defensive style: Balanced or Press after possession loss. These styles will make your team maintain a balanced shape and press the opponent when they lose the ball, without being too aggressive or passive.


• Width: 4 or 5 bars. This will make your team cover the width of the pitch and prevent the opponent from exploiting the flanks.


• Depth: 3 or 4 bars. This will make your team stay compact and close to your goal, without being too deep or high.


• ST (one of them) – Come back on defense


• ST (both) – Stay central, Get in behind


• LAM and RAM – Come back on defense, Get into the box for cross


• RDM and LDM – Cut passing lanes, Stay back while attacking, Cover center


• RB and LB – Stay back while attacking, Overlap


These tactics and instructions will make your team defend as a unit and cover the most important areas of the pitch, while also providing some options for counter-attacks.


3. Pay Attention to PlayStyles

PlayStyles are a new feature in FC 24 that add more personality and variety to the players. PlayStyles are unique behaviors and tendencies that affect how the players perform on the pitch, based on their real-life attributes and skills. PlayStyles can be changed depending on the situation and the player's stamina.


There are 10 PlayStyles in FC 24:


• Box to Box: These players are energetic and versatile, and they can contribute to both attack and defense. They can make runs into the box, track back to help the defense, and cover a lot of ground.


• Clinical Finisher: These players are deadly in front of the goal, and they can score from any angle and distance. They can find the best position to shoot, and they can finish with power and accuracy.


• Complete Defender: These players are solid and reliable, and they can defend against any type of attacker. They can tackle, intercept, block, and clear the ball, and they can also start the attack with good passes.


• Creative Runner: These players are dynamic and unpredictable, and they can create space and chances for themselves and their teammates. They can make runs in different directions, and they can also dribble and pass with flair and skill.


• Dribbler: These players are agile and skillful, and they can beat their opponents with ease. They can dribble with speed and control, and they can also perform tricks and feints to confuse the defense.


• Engine: These players are tireless and consistent, and they can maintain their performance throughout the game. They can run, sprint, and press for 90 minutes, and they can also recover quickly from fatigue and injury.


• Goal Poacher: These players are opportunistic and instinctive, and they can score from any situation. They can anticipate the ball and the goalkeeper's movement, and they can react quickly and decisively to finish.


• Playmaker: These players are intelligent and creative, and they can dictate the tempo and direction of the game. They can see and execute the best passes, and they can also control the ball and the space with ease.


• Set Piece Specialist: These players are experts in dead ball situations, and they can score or assist from free kicks, corners, and penalties. They can curve, dip, and place the ball with precision and power.


• Stopper: These players are strong and dominant, and they can stop the opponent's attacks with physicality and authority. They can win aerial duels, headers, and tackles, and they can also intimidate and pressure the attackers.


PlayStyles can have a significant impact on the game, and you should pay attention to them when choosing your players, formation, and tactics. You should try to match the PlayStyles with the roles and positions of your players and also exploit the PlayStyles of your opponents. For example, if you have a Clinical Finisher as your striker, you should try to feed him the ball as much as possible and let him shoot from anywhere. If you face a Dribbler as your opponent, you should try to contain him and not dive into tackles.


4. Use Chipped Through Balls Against AI Teams

One of the most effective ways to score goals in FC 24 is to use chipped-through balls against AI teams. Chipped-through balls are passes that are lifted over the defense and land in front of your attackers, who can then run onto them and shoot. Chipped through balls are especially useful against AI teams because they tend to play with a high defensive line and leave a lot of space behind.


To perform a chipped-through ball, you need to press the L1 or LB button and the Triangle or Y button at the same time, and then adjust the power and direction of the pass. You should aim for the space behind the defense, and try to time the pass with the run of your attacker. You should also use the right stick to switch to the receiver and control his movement and shooting.


Chipped-through balls can be very rewarding, but they also require some practice and skill. You need to have good vision, timing, and accuracy, and you also need to have fast and clinical attackers. You should also be careful not to overuse this technique, as it can become predictable and easy to defend.


5. Master the New Free Kicks

Free kicks are another way to score goals in FIFA 24, and they have been revamped with a new system that gives you more control and options. The new free kick system allows you to adjust the position, angle, and spin of the ball, and also choose from different types of shots and runs.


To take a free kick, you need to follow these steps:


• Move the right stick to adjust the position of the ball on the ground. You can move it left, right, forward, or backward, depending on the distance and angle of the free kick.


• Move the left stick to adjust the angle of the ball in the air. You can move it up, down, left, or right, depending on the height and curve of the shot.


• Press the R1 or RB button and the right stick to apply spin to the ball. You can apply top spin, back spin, side spin, or knuckleball, depending on the movement and accuracy of the shot.


• Press the Square or X button to choose the type of shot. You can choose from driven, finesse, or power shot, depending on the speed and placement of the shot.


• Press the L2 or LT button to choose the type of run. You can choose from straight, curved, or mixed run, depending on the direction and variation of the run.


• Press the Circle or B button to shoot. You can adjust the power and timing of the shot, depending on the distance and accuracy of the shot.


The new free kick system can be very rewarding, but it also requires some practice and skill. You need to have good control, precision, and creativity, and you also need to have a good free kick taker. You should also be careful not to overcomplicate the free kick, as it can affect the outcome.


These are the five pro tips that can help you win more games on FC 24. We hope you find them useful and enjoyable.  

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