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EA FC 24: Which Edition Should You Buy

Jessie July 28th, 2023 FIFA    FIFA Coins   

EA FC 24 is the latest installment in the EA Sports FC series, the new football simulation game from EA Sports that replaces the FIFA series after the end of EA's partnership with FIFA. EA FC 24 promises to deliver the most true-to-football experience ever with HyperMotionV technology, PlayStyles optimized by Opta, and a revolutionized Frostbite Engine.


EA FC 24 offers two editions for players: Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition. Standard Edition is released on September 29, priced at 70 pounds. And Ultimate Edition is released seven days earlier than the standard edition, priced at 100 pounds. So which edition should you buy?


Who is Standard Edition For?

For the standard edition, I think it will be for most people. They will be getting the standard edition whether at the start of the game or maybe during Christmas, and there is going to be some special offer. And those benefits from pre-order Ultimate Edition aren't going to benefit you right from the start of the game, but it's an incentive. EA wants you to be ordering quite early. For those players that don't play Ultimate Team too much, maybe their main mode is PRO clubs, or they're focusing on Career Mode, they're not too bothered by those benefits. And there is also the price difference. So Standard edition is going to be what most people go for.


Who is Ultimate Edition For?

The ultimate edition is going to be coming a week earlier on 9.22. It comes with pre-order benefits. As we can see, seven days of early access increase from the usual three days. A whole week is going to be very nice indeed. And then we will also have 4600 fc points. Then we do also have access to Nike Ultimate Team Campaign Loan Player Item and A kit. So far, we don't know how important the kit and the Loan item are, but perhaps access to the night campaign could be cool. There is also a Team of the Week one untreatable item, which is quite nice. But remember, you'll be getting a Champions League Ultimate Team Hero item in November. It's not instant right away.


So one of the main useful benefits is seven days of early access. Seven days of early access will be huge for an ultimate team player. When you get access to the game, you can start earning FC 24 coins by playing matches, division rivals, foot champions, which is extremely beneficial. Of course, the 4600 FC points is great as well. You can open those on 7.5k packs, or you can wait for the closet promo and then open them. Those are very useful for ultimate team players.


Most content creators need to get the game seven days early to start making content. And if you want the early access and are an ultimate team fan, go for the ultimate edition.


And there are some pre-order benefits if you order the ultimate edition before August 22. You're going to be getting Pre-order benefits:

♢ Untradeable UEFA Champions League or UEFA Women's Champions League Ultimate Team Hero item (on November 27)
♢ Up to seven days of early access (Start playing on September 22
♢ 4600 FC points
♢ Access to a Nike Campaign in Ultimate Team beginning September 22
♢ Nike Ultimate Team Campaign Loan Player Item (24 Matches)
♢ Nike x EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Kit
♢ Untradeable Team of the Week 1 Ultimate Team Player item
♢ All Standard Edition Pre-Order benefits


Pre-order Benefits


How to Save Money?

Now let's look at how you can save some money. You can save 10% on the standard edition by using EA Play, which will take the price down from 70 pounds to 63 pounds. If you don't already have EA Play, it will cost you around 3 pounds, but there's still saving a little.


You can save even more money if you try getting gift cards. And then, redeem those codes onto your console: PlayStation or Xbox, and then use that credit. That's going to be a way to save a little bit of money as well.


For the ultimate edition, you will save that 10% off the same way through EA Play. And there's usually a way of ordering inside FIFA 23 every year, and there should be some special offer that comes up. I haven't seen it yet, but maybe it will come out later.


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In conclusion, EA FC 24 offers two editions for players: Standard and Ultimate. Each edition has its features, bonuses, and prices, and the best one for you depends on your preferences, budget, and playstyle. Whether you are a casual, moderate, or hardcore player, EA FC 24 has something for everyone to enjoy the most true-to-football experience ever.



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