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FIFA 23 Coin Farming: An Easy Guide

Richard Kayode June 16th, 2023 FIFA    FIFA Coins   

If you're looking for the ultimate guide to farming FIFA 23 coins, you're in the right place. FIFA 23, the latest installment in the renowned football simulation video game series by EA Sports, has taken the gaming world by storm with its realistic gameplay and immersive football experience. 


How to Farming FIFA 23 Coins


A crucial aspect of the game is the in-game currency, FIFA Coins, used to purchase players and other items in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. This article provides an engaging, comprehensive guide on how to farm FIFA 23 coins effectively, with tips and tricks sourced from expert gamers and trusted websites.


Understanding the Importance of FIFA Coins

FIFA coins, also known as FUT coins, are the lifeblood of FIFA 23. They serve as the primary currency in the game, allowing players to make various purchases in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. These purchases range from players, icons, and position modifiers to kits and other consumables. You can also use coins to buy packs or gain access to FIFA Drafts, although other currencies can be used for these purposes as well.


Unlike other games, FIFA 23 does not offer in-game options to buy FUT coins. Players can, however, buy FIFA 23 coins from trusted third parties like GMEMO, which can then be spent on packs. The items obtained from these packs can subsequently be sold on the Transfer Market to convert them into coins. However, this method relies heavily on luck. For a guaranteed amount of coins, players can resort to trusted marketplaces.


It's important to note that each game has its own unique in-game currency. For instance, in the game, NBA 2K23, the in-game currency is the NBA 2K23 MT coins, which can be used to purchase player cards and items from the in-game Auction House, and more. Similarly, in FIFA, coins are the in-game currency that you will use to make various purchases in the FUT mode. These purchases are crucial to improve your team and build a strong side in FIFA Ultimate Team.


One key point to remember is that your coins from previous FIFA versions, such as FIFA 22, will not be carried forward to FIFA 23. Therefore, it's highly recommended to start accumulating coins in your treasury as soon as possible.


If you're new to FIFA or need a refresher, we strongly recommend reading our FIFA 23 guide. This knowledge will be invaluable as you navigate your way through the exciting world of FIFA 23.


Playing Matches

One of the most straightforward and accessible ways to accumulate coins in FIFA 23 is simply by playing as many matches as possible. Regardless of the outcome, each game you play rewards you with some coins. Over time, these coins will pile up and become a substantial amount.


But the rewards don't stop there. As you progress further into the season, you'll unlock coin boosts, which increase the number of coins you receive after each match. This means that the more you play, the more you earn. So, lace up your virtual boots, hit the pitch, and start making those coins!


Trading in the Transfer Market

The Transfer Market in FIFA 23 is not just a place to bolster your team; it's also a goldmine for earning coins if you know how to navigate it strategically. The key to making the most of the Transfer Market is vigilance and a keen eye for undervalued players.


As you explore the Transfer Market, keep an eye out for players being sold for less than their actual worth. When you spot such a player, especially when the auction is about to end, place your bid and wait. This strategy relies heavily on luck, but when it works, the payoff can be significant. For instance, you might be able to snag a card with an average selling price of 100,000 coins for just 50,000 coins.


While the chances of such a windfall are slim, when it does happen, it's akin to hitting the jackpot. This strategy of buying low and selling high is a tried and tested method in the Transfer Market, and with patience and persistence, it can lead to substantial coin earnings.


Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are a key component of FIFA 23 that can provide a steady stream of FUT coins if you approach them strategically. Not only can you sell cards from your club at a profit to meet these challenges, but you can also seek out challenges that are worth completing for their rewards.


Here are some tips to maximize your coin earnings from SBCs:

●Look for Challenges with Tradable Packs: Prioritize challenges that offer tradable packs as rewards. These packs contain items you can sell on the Transfer Market, providing an additional source of coins.

●Value for Money: Choose challenges where the reward outweighs the cost. In other words, the average cost of the rewards should be higher than the cost of the cards you need to exchange to complete the challenge.

●Timing is Everything: If the current challenges seem too expensive, keep an eye on them until they're close to expiring. The cards required for challenge completion usually cost more in the first few days but drop in price towards the end of the event as demand falls.

●Use Untradable Players: The best option is to use untradable players from your club for these challenges. Since these players can't be sold on the Transfer Market, using them in SBCs is a great way to get value from them.


Remember, SBCs are not just a puzzle to solve; they're an opportunity to earn valuable rewards and boost your coin balance. With the right strategy, they can be a lucrative aspect of your FIFA 23 experience.


Using the FUT Companion App

The FUT Companion App allows you to manage your FUT team on your mobile device. You can use it to keep track of the Transfer Market, complete SBCs, and claim rewards, all of which can help you earn more coins. Plus, it allows you to manage your team even when you're away from your console or PC.


Participating in FUT Events

EA Sports regularly hosts FUT events, such as the FUT Birthday or FUTmas. These events often come with special challenges and rewards, including a hefty amount of FIFA Coins. Participating in these events can significantly boost your coin balance.



Farming FIFA 23 coins require skill, knowledge, and strategy. Whether playing matches, trading in the Transfer Market, completing SBCs, or participating in FUT events, there are plenty of ways to earn coins and build your dream team. Remember, the key to successful coin farming is patience and consistency. Happy gaming!


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