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FIFA 23 Guide: Mastering Formations & Player Instructions for Dominance on the Pitch

Richard Kayode June 06th, 2023 FIFA    FIFA Coins   

As the latest installment in the beloved football simulation series, FIFA 23 brings a whole new level of excitement with its enhanced gameplay features. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the art of formations and player instructions, equipping you with the knowledge to create a winning strategy on the virtual pitch.


Understanding Formations in FIFA 23:

Formations act as the blueprint for your team's positioning and playstyle. Let's explore some of the popular formations that can give you a competitive edge:


Formation 1: The Dominating 4-3-3:


Formation 1- The Dominating 4-3-3


Picture this: a strong defense, a well-balanced midfield, and a potent attacking force. The 4-3-3 formation offers just that. With four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards, this formation provides stability at the back while allowing for quick, incisive attacks. 


The wide wingers offer width and pace to stretch the opposition's defense, while the lone striker becomes the focal point for goal-scoring opportunities. Make sure to assign player instructions like "Stay Forward" for your wingers to exploit spaces behind the defense and create scoring chances.


Formation 2: The Tactical 4-2-3-1:


Formation 2-The Tactical 4-2-3-1


For a more controlled and structured approach, the 4-2-3-1 formation is a popular choice. It offers a solid defensive foundation with two holding midfielders and a creative attacking midfield trio behind a lone striker. 


This formation allows for effective ball retention and intricate build-up play. Assigning player instructions such as "Stay Back While Attacking" for your full-backs can provide additional defensive stability. Additionally, instructing your central attacking midfielder to "Stay Forward" ensures they are in advanced positions, ready to link up with the striker and contribute to goal-scoring opportunities.


Formation 3: The Dynamic 3-5-2:

Unleash the power of versatility with the 3-5-2 formation. This formation boasts three central defenders, two wing-backs, a central midfield trio, and two strikers. It provides a balance between defensive solidity and attacking prowess. 


The three central defenders offer a robust defensive line, while the wing-backs provide width and support in both defensive and attacking phases. Experiment with player instructions like "Get Forward" for your wing-backs to provide width in your attacks, and instruct your central midfielders to "Join the Attack" to create overloads in the opponent's half.


Player Instructions in FIFA 23:

Player instructions allow you to fine-tune the behavior of individual players, optimizing their performance within your chosen formation. Here are some essential player instructions to consider:


Player Instruction 1: "Stay Forward":

This instruction is ideal for attackers or offensive-minded midfielders. It ensures they remain high up the pitch, ready to receive passes and launch devastating attacks. Combine this instruction with formations like the 4-3-3 for maximum impact in the final third. 


The "Stay Forward" instruction is particularly effective for wingers, as they stay wide and provide options for crosses into the box.


Player Instruction 2: "Stay Back While Attacking":

When deploying a more defensive-minded approach, instructing certain players, such as full-backs, to stay back while attacking can provide a solid defensive line. This instruction complements formations like the 4-2-3-1, where maintaining defensive discipline is crucial. 


By assigning "Stay Back While Attacking" to your full-backs, you ensure they prioritize defensive duties, preventing opposition wingers from exploiting spaces behind your defensive line.


Player Instruction 3: "Get Forward":

For wing-backs or attacking midfielders, the "Get Forward" instruction can be a game-changer. It encourages these players to make forward runs, providing width and unpredictability to your attacks. 


This instruction can be particularly effective in formations like the 3-5-2, where wing-backs play an integral role in both defensive and offensive phases. With "Get Forward," your wing-backs will be more involved in supporting attacks, overlapping with wingers, and providing additional options in the final third.


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Combining Formations and Player Instructions:

True magic happens when you align your chosen formation with the right player's instructions. Here are some strategies to optimize your tactics:


Offensive Strategies:

Pair attacking formations like the 4-3-3 with player instructions such as "Stay Forward" and "Get Into the Box for Crosses." This combination ensures your attackers are constantly in dangerous positions, ready to pounce on crosses and create scoring opportunities. 


By instructing your wingers to "Stay Forward" and "Get Into the Box for Crosses," they will make darting runs into the penalty area, anticipating deliveries from the full-backs or central attackers.


Defensive Strategies:

To bolster your defense, formations like the 4-2-3-1 work well when combined with player instructions like "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Center." This setup ensures your defensive players maintain their positions and stay compact, making it harder for the opposition to break through. 


By instructing your central defensive midfielders to "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Center," they act as a shield in front of the defense, intercepting passes and disrupting the opponent's attacking flow.


Balanced Strategies:

If you prefer a well-rounded approach, formations like the 3-5-2 provide the flexibility to attack and defend effectively. Experiment with player instructions like "Balanced Width" and "Stay on the edge of Box for Crosses" to maintain a balance between attacking and defensive duties. 


By assigning "Balanced Width" to your midfielders, they provide passing options in the central areas. At the same time, "Stay on the edge of Box for Crosses" encourages them to position themselves at the edge of the penalty area, ready to capitalize on rebounds or long-range shooting opportunities.


Tactics and Strategies for FIFA 23 Success:


FIFA Tactics


Customizing Player Instructions:

While the recommended player instructions provide a solid foundation, don't be afraid to experiment and tailor them to suit your playing style and the strengths of your players. FIFA 23 allows for extensive customization, giving you the freedom to fine-tune instructions for individual players. 


Observe their traits, attributes, and preferred positions to optimize their performance. For example, if you have a creative playmaker in midfield, instruct them to "Playmaker" to encourage their vision and passing abilities.


Fluidity and Position Switching:

In FIFA 23, it's crucial to embrace fluidity and encourage position-switching among your players. This allows for dynamic movement and creates confusion for the opposition. You can achieve this by adjusting your formation's player instructions. 


For instance, instruct your attacking midfielders to "Free Roam" to encourage them to drift into different areas of the pitch, creating mismatches and opportunities for creative play.


Counter-Attacking Strategies:

Counter-attacking can be a potent weapon in FIFA 23, especially against opponents who commit many players forward. To capitalize on counter-attacks, select formations with quick wingers or forwards who possess excellent pace. Instruct them to "Get in Behind" or "Stay Forward" to exploit spaces left by the opposition's high defensive line.


 Combine this with solid defensive instructions to ensure a quick transition from defense to attack.


Game Management and Adjustments:

Adaptability is crucial in FIFA 23, as the flow of a match can change rapidly. Monitor your opponent's tactics, identify their weaknesses, and make strategic adjustments throughout the game. This can involve changing formations, altering player instructions, or making substitutions to exploit specific matchups or address defensive vulnerabilities. 


A well-executed adjustment can swing the momentum in your favor and secure victory.


Practice and Experimentation:

Becoming a master of FIFA 23 formations and player instructions requires practice and experimentation. Don't be discouraged by initial setbacks or failures. Instead, view them as learning opportunities. Test different formations, combinations of player instructions, and strategies in training modes, exhibition matches, or online play. 


Analyze the results, adjust accordingly, and fine-tune your tactics over time. As you gain experience, you'll develop a keen understanding of how formations and player instructions can influence the outcome of matches.



With the right formations, optimized player instructions, and a solid understanding of tactics and strategies, you can elevate your FIFA 23 gameplay to new heights. Remember that success in FIFA 23 goes beyond following a prescribed formula. It's about adapting to different situations, capitalizing on your team's strengths, and outsmarting your opponents. 


Embrace creativity, be flexible, and continuously evolve your tactics. By mastering formations, player instructions, and strategic thinking, you'll pave the way for dominance on the virtual pitch in FIFA 23. Best of luck, and enjoy the thrilling world of football brought to life in this remarkable game!



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