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A Meta Build for NBA 2K23 MyCareer

Michel Z July 25th, 2023 NBA    NBA 2K MT   

In NBA 2K23, a Meta build is a MyPlayer build most players use, as it's considered the best in competitive play. If you are new to the game and want to create a powerful player that can do everything, BADGEPLUG's build guide will be helpful.



Body Setting 

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 180 lbs

Wingspan: 7'6"

Body Shape: Defined



Point Guard





Close Shot: 76

Driving Layup: 79

Driving Dunk: 99 

Standing Dunk: 54

Post Control: -


99 Driving Dunk gives you a hall of fame Posterizer, Slithery, or Limitless Takeoff. 79 Driving Layup gives you a silver Fearless Finisher. Lastly, 76 Close Shot allows you to have 18 Finishing badge points.



Mid-Range Shot: 68

Three-Point Shot: 83

Free Throw: 62


83 Three-Point Shot gives you a silver Agent 3 badge, the most important shooting badge in the game. For a Mid-Ranged Shot, 68 will be enough, and if you want to shoot middies, the Middy Magician badge will boost the effectiveness of your pull-ups, spin shots, and fadeaways from the mid-range area. 

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Pass Accuracy: 75

Ball Handle: 89

Speed With Ball: 75


75 Pass Accuracy allows you to get some badges and unlock the best passing style – LeBron passing style. To get the hall of fame Quick First Step badge, you will need an 89 Ball Handle. In the meantime, you will also unlock the hof Quick First Step and gold Clamp Breaker. 


Acceleration is the most crucial factor for running with the ball. Speed With Ball does matter, but it doesn’t matter as much as the Acceleration. For that reason, 75 Speed With Ball will be enough in this build, and this number will get you the important Michael Jordan dribble style.


It is highly recommended to invest your extra badge points into Playmaking so that you can get as many Playmaking badges as you want.



Interior Defense: 68

Perimeter Defense: 86

Steal: 85

Block: 88

Offensive Rebound: -

Defensive Rebound: 41


68 Interior Defense can help you get some sort of stops in the paint. 86 Perimeter Defense will give you a silver Clamps and a gold Challenger. For the Steal, 85 will be enough, and it will unlock the silver Glove badge. To get hof Chase Down Artist, silver Anchor, and silver Clamps for defense, you will need to put 88 points in Block.



Speed: 71

Acceleration: 82

Strength: 43

Vertical: 82

Stamina: 95


You will need 71 points in Speed, which affects how fast you can run or sprint around the court. Unlike Speed, Acceleration will affect the speed when you are running with the ball, so you will want to invest 82 points in Acceleration. 


Having 82 Vertical will help you with blocks and getting rebounds. What is more, your hall of fame Chase Down Artist also helps you tremendously with the defense around the rim.





Tier 1: Rise Up (bronze), Acrobat (silver), Giant Slayer (gold)

Tier 2: Fearless Finisher (silver)

Tier 3: Postierize (hof, core), Limitless Takeoff (hof)


Fearless Finisher (silver) will help a lot with dunks, and Acrobat (silver) and Giant Slayers (gold) will be helpful when you finish around the rim. If you have eight extra badge points, it’s recommended to use a hof Slithery as well.



Tier 1: Amped (gold), Volume Shooting (hof)

Tier 2: Green Machine (gold), Agent 3 (silver)

Tier 3: Deadeye (silver, core)



Tier 1: Hyperdrive (gold)

Tier 2: Bail Out (bronze), Quick First Step (hof)

Tier 3: Unpluckable (gold, core), Handles For Days (silver)


If you have more badge points, you can also use a Clamp Breaker (gold) and a Needle Threader.



Tier 2: Chase Down Artist (hof), Glove (silver)

Tier 3: Clamps (silver, core), Anchor (silver)



Primary Takeover: Easy Blowbys

Secondary Takeover: Spot-Up Precision 



That is a Meta build for NBA 2K23 MyCareer. If you found this guide helpful, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to BADGEPLUG's channel for more helpful content.


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