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Best Ways to Make MT in NBA 2K24

Michel Z October 03rd, 2023 NBA    NBA 2K MT   

As the Player Market replaced the Auction House, the primary method of earning MT coins in NBA 2K24 is through playing the game. To help you maximize your MT earnings, Evan Tanaka has created a guide that highlights the game modes that yield the most MT.



Salary Cap

The first way is a new multiplayer game mode called Salary Cap, which allows you to build a team of players with a limited budget. The mode consists of three rounds that last two weeks each season, and each round has its own leaderboard, salary limit, and rewards. You can earn points based on your performance in each game, regardless of whether you win or lose. 


As one of the best ways to make MT in NBA 2K24, the Salary Cap allows you to quickly earn a ton of MT for winning and gives you many other rewards for each game.



The second best way to make MT in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM is Domination. It is a single-player mode where you can play against NBA teams and earn rewards based on your performance.


Although Domination is a longer game mode, you will also get many MT points for winning the All-Time Domination. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward.


Card Grading

Card grading is a new feature that allows you to enhance the value of your cards in the MyTEAM mode. Note that compared with the previous two methods, Card grading is risky when it comes to earning MT.


Card grading is a process of sending your cards to a service that evaluates their condition and assigns them a grade from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. Higher-graded cards have higher sellback MT value, which means you can earn more MT by selling them in the Player Market. You can also upgrade a card up to three times, increasing its value even further. 


Card grading costs MT and takes some time, depending on the card's value and the number of cards you send. But if you get back a card with a score of 10, you will profit by selling it.


Ascension Board

The Ascension Board allows you to win various prizes by flipping over cards. You can access the Ascension Board by reaching certain levels in the Season Pass, which is a fun and rewarding way to test your luck and obtain some valuable items, including MT coins. You can earn multiple Ascension attempts per season, so make sure to level up your Season Pass and try your best to ascend to the top.


Those are the best ways to make MT coins in NBA 2K24 MyTEAM mode. If you found this guide helpful, please make sure to subscribe to Evan Tanaka's channel.

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