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Best Ways to Earn Tokens in NBA 2K23

Michel Z June 21st, 2023 NBA    NBA 2K MT   

In NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, people collect player cards to build their team. Playing the game and purchasing with in-game currencies are the main ways to acquire better players. Besides VC and MT points, the third NBA 2K currency is Tokens, with which you can buy player cards from the Token Market. 



NBA 2K23 Tokens


How to Get Tokens in NBA 2K23




Token prize in NBA 2K23 Unlimited

Not only can you obtain a ton of MT points from Unlimited, but you can also receive many Tokens by completing this game mode. Unlimited is probably the best way to earn Tokens in the game, and this method is excellent for every single season. 


Clutch Time Online/Offline

The second best way to make Tokens is Clutch Time Online. As you play and win the games, you will get milestone prizes, including Trophy rewards, MT, and Tokens. 


The Tokens you get from Clutch Time Offline will be about half the amount you get from the online mode. Although not as profitable as the online version, Clutch Time Offline is still one of the best ways to earn free Tokens in NBA 2K23. 


Leveling Up in MyTEAM

Leveling up doesn't grant as many Tokens as the Unlimited mode, but it is a pretty easy way to get some free Tokens. You will get Tokens at some specific levels, and the higher your level is, the more you will get.


Triple Threat Offline/Online

Triple Threat Offline is a profitable method to get Tokens while playing the game as well. Like the Clutch Time mode, you will receive Tokens at certain milestones as rewards.


Triple Threat Online is also not bad either because you also have the chance to receive Tokens from this mode. You have up to three losses to win up to ten games. Every ten wins, or three losses, your rewards board will reset. The reward board has three tiers, and the higher your tier is, the better your prizes will be.



Domination is also a way to earn free Tokens, although many people don't like it for how long it takes. However, if you really want to collect a lot of Tokens, then Domination is a method you don't want to neglect.


Those are the best ways to earn Tokens in NBA 2K23. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends and bookmark our NBA 2K news page for more future content.


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