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Is SWTOR Worth Playing 2020?

Bmichaellogan January 16th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

Is SWTOR worth playing in 2020? A lot of players are talking about this topic these days.

Gmemo.com will answer your question by breaking down what makes up the endgame experience of SWTOR in 2020. I hope you all enjoy this guide and find it helpful! My goal is to help you make an informed decision by sharing my experience with the game!

All the content of this article is quoted from this player EvoSwtor’s video.


In this video, I am going to be looking at what makes up the endgame experience of swtor and hopefully helping you make an informed decision on whether the game is worth returning or picking up for the first time as a MMOPRG. As a simple Star Wars RPG, the game is 100% worth checking out especially if you have never played it before. Some of the best Star Wars stories ever told if you were a Star Wars fan, the imperial agent storyline is a must play as well as the knights of the fallen empire in knights with eternal throne arcs.

I personally would highly recommend going through all the classes as well as all the expansion stories. The game is free-to-play try out and as a new player you can do it. All of the original 8 classes towards as every expansion up to shadow of revenue, which is easily hundreds of hours of content completely free of charge. Here insane free-to-play is fairly restrictive, but if you are just here for the story, then that shouldn’t impact you too much.


Storytelling and Characters

This game worth playing as a MMOPRG starting with the pros all right. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, storytelling in swift and characters are incredibly well written & given this as a MMOPRG. It allows the developers to tell stories that span across years of content. The best example of the Sith Emperor storyline which is central to the main game, and is still being expanded onslaught.

Bioware is known for their storytelling and this game is no exception. The storytelling is taking place in the most epic Star Wars, and the old republic area established in Kotor 1&2 has always been a fan favorite, it uses a lot of the elements of star wars, but it’s far more fantastical than any other area, it is a time where there are thousands of Jedi & Sith, and they battle across the galaxy. This is just amazing the world itself, it also very well done for the most part artistic direction and map designs very solid on almost every planet, but three are some misses, McCabe map is horribly designed and I personally really hate the look of his own.

The Combat

The game has added some new zones - onslaught are absolutely stunning, so despite some misses, the game has an awesome beautiful world to explore. Set an amazing area of the Star Wars universe, the combat in Star Wars is often listed as a con, because its tab targeting, however I personally think some classes are extremely well designed in the game. This is tab targeting combat, sometimes classes are very hit-or-miss, they are either great and come together to form a fun rotation or are clunky have too many abilities and no satisfying core rotation.


Let’s talk about the negatives of combat. First it hits or misses some classes that are great while others just feel bad to play some classes, feel dynamic and interesting while others feel extremely static. Another big problem for many classes is ability bloat. There are so many abilities for any given spec that I was having trouble finding places to bind them, and I use a Razer Naga, Mouse, so I don’t have a lack of options, I would recommend checking out a few classes before deciding on what you want to play in the game.


Deception Assassin Class

My favorite class is easily the Deception Assassin.

In my opinion, it has a number of abilities and has an extremely fun core rotation with awesome utility. I have three of them at max level and I am actively working on getting more to max. Finding the right class for a MMOPRG is incredibly important. I am also a massive fan of the lightning sort and the virulence niver. Now that I’ve established some good classes and the combat is a positive.

All the tension from the situation when you realize you can’t die and your companions just going to heal you through it anyway, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to kill bad guys in the open world, it just means that death won’t really be a possibility unless you are doing group quest solo on the flip side, the power fantasy and class design really shines through here when I am playing my Sith Assassin.


Player Expression

When I am playing my sis orc, I feel like I have a master of lightning. This is aided by the fact that mobs in the open world are organized into groups, it means that we will fight 2 to 6 mobs in each pack, making you like a powerful Jedi or a badass. If all the core combat is extremely strong and when paired with great class design, taking part in combat can be an absolute blast player expression that is possibly one of the slow towards strongest points, this comes in the form of appearance customization and strongholds appearance customization in the game, which is pretty great.


First the character creator is pretty in-depth and gives you a lot of options, it’s not nearly as much as some eastern mmo’s. It definitely gets the job done in game, you can transfer any armor slot via the outfit system. This is not restricted by class, so you can be a bounty hunter who wears Sith robes or a Jedi who prefers power suits.

Not only this but you can also DIY any armor slot to make your favorite set of armor, a different color, a key element in diy is the unify color option which matches the color. All your armor pieces to your chess piece, so you DIY your chest piece and unify colors to get the rest of the set, this can be done while leveling, in order to make all your gear match, either crafted or bought off the cartel market and are consumed on use.



There is a massive number of appearances to collect, you can make your character look like whatever you want, other major aspects player expression is strongholds. Strongholds is quote towards version of player housing and it’s extremely well done. There are a good number of strongholds in the game and there is a new one to be added the Alderon stronghold is coming, sometime early in 2020.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of decorations that you can place all over your stronghold. This is admittedly a part of the game. I just threw some decorations down, each room hooks which can hold decorations, and you can change the layout of these hooks to a number of preset options.

There is a massive amount of potential here, you are allowed a lot of freedom and can do all kinds of stupid stuff, such as putting out rank or hologram underneath the ocean. There are a massive number of people who play this game solely for the player expression aspect and the role play community is alive in swtor swears in game, which is largely based around evergreen content.


Flashpoint Operation and Daily Area

Every flashpoint operation and daily area is considered current content, you could go to a flashpoint added on the launcher swtor at level 75 and everything would scale to make it feel like current content and it would give current rewards. This is either a massive positive or a negative depending on how you look at it if you are a new player.

It means that you can experience all the content out of the game over the years which is great, but if you are a returning player, you might look at it as damn, back to farming hammer station for me, this is a massive positive, because it means that I can see all the content throughout the game’s life.

There is a massive amount of variety in content at endgame which can help keep the content filling fresh and interesting. Let’s talk about the variety of content. There is a massive amount of stuff to cover here, so let’s start by talking about PvE open-world content. The open world content largely consists of daily hubs, some players might consider it is a negative, but I consider it is a massive positive, because I love dailies and dailies in this game are very well executed.


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