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SWTOR Beginners Guide - What Class Should You Pick?

John Ryan January 10th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

A class is a professional classification of a player character and determines what abilities, weapons, armor, missions, and companions a character has access to. There are four unique classes per faction and each class has two advanced classes that can be chosen at level 10:

Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior.

If you are new to Star Wars, or just coming back from taking a long break! This Gmemo’s guide is for you! With the newest expansion (Onslaught) came out, a lot of things changed, so what class should you pick for your personal Star Wars story? Learn this player Boomy Nation’s video, and you can know how to pick the best class. 


Choose your right Allegiance that’s pretty important, so you know star wars is right. When I pick a character, I have to go with it. What that side do I more relate to and more often than it’s the dark side, but I have plenty of light side characters as well. I think that’s an important part when we have an MMO where playing characters and putting together characters in a sense.

We are putting together a character, it’s kind of like a projection of us and it’s more perfected for perception of us, so when it comes to this, I just going to use the dark side, but if you want light side party going on a lot of the classes marry each other, it’s really about story.

You know Star Wars light side is a great way to go for your Jedi and infer to the other classes as well. If you want to go more dark side, you can get the history of them. Let’s go here, you are on character creation screen, you are able to choose what you want and you can go for Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent.


Now it comes down to stories, a lot of this stuff is subjective right. There is no clear-cut, this is the best class to play, but in my opinion, I am perfect I usually always gravitate towards Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor.

I do have an Imperial Agent now, when it comes to what story is the best. A lot of people will say Imperial Agent is the second best.


There are Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight stories. I am going to take over the world and those are the two best stories for you to go into if you want more of a scholarly the dark side forces in magic slithering of the Sith Empire, your system is going to be the best bet for you, but if you want more of a diplomatic sense of things to go with the Jedi Consular, which we will take a look at it, but if you want your bow to it which the storyline is pretty cool in the bounty hunt. 

There you go and get your Imperial Agent with intrigue and sabotage in the hooking up which there is a lot of that in the bounty hunter and Smuggler would be your light side option for your bounty hunter, but you believe it is the best for you, so while you can’t determine to figure out what your play style and what is the easiest class to play that it.


Right now the best role to play if you are just starting out is probably to go DPS damage points. They are just shoot right and they are the ones who click up the damage points on it, it’s probably one of the easier modes. The plate you don’t want to try out tanking the very first time you get in, because that can just sabotage you for the entire experience or healing.

I’ve done that before and stressed out and you know curled up in a corner and rock back, but DPS is probably your better play style. When you first starting out if you can always go back and change things, that’s not a problem, you can either tank it or DPS for Sith Warrior the SIF Marauder, this is your DPS style class, but you can also do a little bit on your juggernaut as well. They get a single lightsaber, these are the dual wheels and when it comes to being the more advanced style of play in rotation your Marauder is going to be it.


Here is your Sith Inquisitor. If you like your lightnings and all that fun stuff lightning everywhere and I am going to use of dark side of the force to kick your booty, that’s the best way to go and the bounty hunters is what you do and will do, bands classes will go more in-depth into them. Of course you have your Imperial Agent, you neither be a sniper or the Trooper mirror aspect for the light side, for the dark side, you can do that and I think the imperial agent is a great storyline.

Now let’s take a look at the light side classes as well, that’s probably where you are going to best be served. Now here we are in the light side of everything you have the Jedi Knight.

There are eight classes, eight specific stories, but they are mirrored when it comes to abilities and there is a slight over hook into a story as well, but they are all different stories. If you get all eight of them together, you get a special prize isn’t that amazing. But for the Jedi Knight, you can do a bill with that one, with your Jedi Consular, these would be the inquisitor part that for the dark side of everything, and then your Smuggler, so Han Solo action going on there, that’s definitely there.

These are not as force sensitive the smuggler or you know the Bounty Hunter, The Trooper, The Agent, these are most definitely not for sea type characters to play and the stories are not based off that you will be going after force users in your story play with those, but at the same time, you are shooting all over the place with your laser guns.

It’s amazing that this is the best part, you can just stand back and that’s a good part of DPS. Sometimes especially if you are not melee, you can stand back from the fray and just shoot all the things in the world into the bad guy and you are pretty much good to go right there.


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