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How to Get Gear in SWTOR 6.0 Onslaught

Bmichaellogan January 03rd, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

While you are leveling and playing through the story, gear comes fairly naturally at the end of almost every quest. Once you reach level 75, high-end gear comes from completing various types of content in the game.

This is a real player SWTOR Central’s video. Gmemo shows you how to get gear in SWTOR new expansion, which can be helpful for swtor fans. All the content of this article is quoted from this video and reddit forum.


Gearing up, step by step

Start the Story Campaign

The story will provide everyone with a base 268 item rating set of gear. After obtaining this, progress through story content until hitting level 75.

The System

After reaching Level 75 and obtaining the base 268 item rating gear, your next objective should be increasing this gear to item rating 306. Note: If you only care about story and not group content, all story content can be completed in the base 268 set that is obtained from the Onslaught story line. 


Gear can be obtained from Loot Drops (item drops from bosses, crate drops from PvP and etc), which will be one level higher than your current item level.

For Example: If your chest piece has an average 268 item rating, a chest piece obtained as loot from any source will more than likely be item rating 270. There are some caveats for this, occasionally you will obtain a chest piece of the same item rating, but there is also a chance to obtain a chest piece multiple item ratings above your current one.

So in order to progress through the tiers, you must first obtain a piece of gear one tier below the gear tier. In order to get full 306 gear, you must first have full 304 gear. To get full 304 gear, you must have full 302 first, and so on.



There are a lot of ways that you can go, of course they need to get higher. A lot of people ask that how to get 306 gear, the best recommendation are flashpoints and others, so if you are doing flashpoints right now, you can go ahead in the daily reward. If you are level 75, you need some tank healers and do DPS, you will get a lot of tech fragments and flashpoint equipment grades.

The fastest way to progress through these tiers is by running Veteren and Master Mode Flashpoints. Specifically, any flashpoint that can be completed very quickly. A couple options for fast Flashpoints are Hammer Station (roughly 20 minutes) in a 4 man group or The Red Reaper(7 minutes) in a group of all stealth DPS players.

Now with those flashpoint equipment grades, you can go ahead and open some more gear from this egg is technically dropping about 3 or 4 gear per piece, so you can go ahead and gather those well and while you are doing the flashpoints in the bosses as well.

It drops gear probably around 5 or 6 gear, but some of them are actual gear, mods enhancements armors and stuff, of course there are two flashpoints which are very easy to obtain. Now if you are going into the filter, you don’t need to do necessary that big of a deal the obvious one is hammer station which is the fastest and the easiest flashpoint.


The Red Reaper

A lot of stealth classes are doing the red reaper, because in south you can go ahead, keep everything pretty much and kill free bosses from the red reaper, all you need is just go ahead and kill a lot of enemies to be fair, and then you will go ahead and get the gear if you have 4 stealth classes, highly recommend that this should be done in under 10 minutes so that is easy. I recommend those too, but if you want to go for the full maximum gear, I would go just randomly queue for a daily reward which is giving you nearly 200 text fragments plus.


If you are tank, it gives you past 20 and you were getting these flashpoint equipment crates, which is really good, because you can go ahead and get bonus gear from these, but obviously this is not just a one way. Of course if you want, you can go ahead and get here from PvP.

There is a daily or weekly log box you are getting and in that log box, you can also get here, but you can get tactical and all sorts of things. If you want to get gear and if you are a level 75, you can get here by yourself, so of course you are getting the usual stuff, 75 k swtor credits gathering log box, and a solid resource matrixes which is really good for crafting. You are getting 100 tech fragments, which you can use a small conquest equipment crate.




Dailies offer crates which have gear in them, similar to Regular Warzones and Arenas. The dailies offer these crates must be obtained from level appropriate planets, so running dailies on lower level planets will not provide gear crates. It is very similar to Warzones as far as how much gear is obtained per hour. Again, probably 40-60+ hours of grinding for 306 item rating gear purely from Dailies.



We are targeting the medium yield past over it, we are earning a medium, conquest equipment crate which is actually the same as the small one, but probably more items 400 tech fragments which is really good, use 100k swtor gold three of these Foley creatures matrixes and of course the usual one really fine and if you are going into the large one and all kinds of that stuff, you can go ahead and actually get gear from doing conquest to be fair as well.

After you started to get gear, one thing that you are starting to notice is a quality-of-life update, they updated the gear like you will see on that little arrow if it’s downgrade or an upgrade for your set bonus. Now when you are doing the gear grind, you don’t need to look up for that stat, all you need to look up is the item rating.

Of course at the very beginning to go for the highest item rating, if you have a 302 rated gear, it will give you the rating and you will have a chance to get the higher rated gear, because on 306 you are getting the best items possible, so everything else like best armor and best mod enhancements. If you are doing the gear kind at the very beginning, look up for your item rating and you will get flashpoints and the higher item rating, you will change the higher item rating.

On every threshold, it was starting to drop a new item rating, so if you are 300 item rating, it was starting to drop 302 and 304 closely or maybe free item rating you need to switch, those item ratings and as soon as you switch that item rating, you are getting higher freeNew ones the mech shot, because at the end of those you are also getting a new gear from them, so if you want to get it, all you need is just go ahead and do dailies, and then get crates, go ahead and get some new gear for yourself.


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