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SWTOR: How to Earn Credits Fast

Celinda April 17th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

There are many easy and quick methods to earn swtor credits. Some methods are fast, but require more experience, such as playing the GTN Game; Some methods are simple, but less effective, such as Heroics way; Some methods are slow but more rewarding.

Farming Heroics, Crafting and selling items and Playing the GTN are the most beneficial ways for you to make credits fast in the game. Here Gmemo.com would like to share the best ways with you. Some content is quoted from this article.


Farming Heroics Missions

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make lots of money without spending too much time in preparations and research.

Running Heroics is a solid way for earning swtor gold. Personally, I always go for Heroic runs, but Flashpoints also give a fair share of credits, depending on the gear you drop and the level that your character is.

You will earn less money from each quest, if you do that from a low level.

At level cap, each mission also rewards you with Command Experience Points (CXP), which is a side-bonus to make money fast. Teaming up with a friend or two will speed up the process. When you reach a higher level, the reward is changed to special alliance crates. When you finished the odessen base chapter of KOTFE, you can get them unlocked by the alliance characters.

Crafting and Selling Items

This is a much more effective, but also dangerous method, based on your character(s), crafting professions and gathering skills, and then selling them on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) or directly to other players.

For this to be effective, you should have more than one character with excellent Crew Skills levels. You will also have to devote more time to add your crafted items onto GTN.

It is important to know which crafted items sell well at particular time. The meta doesn’t change daily, but between patches it’s possible that the best-selling item may change tomorrow, become completely useless and unsellable. You have to do your research and find out what sells well and craft it. The more time you spent on an activity, the less productive it is in the end.

Playing the GTN (Galactic Trade Network) Game

When you are an experienced GTN player or veteran in the game, you need to know what items are rare. If you spot a single instance of a rare item that the community is looking for, placed on GTN for a low price, snatch it right away and put it back up for a much higher price.

You only need one character when you are playing the GTN game, however this technique needs thorough knowledge of the present meta-game and information of what’s being crafted, sold and bought on the GTN.

Basically you should check regularly multiple categories and types of objects being sold on daily basis. After a certain amount of time, you will start memorizing that certain items are usually being sold for.

Desperate players are seeking quick money on all servers, so valuable and rare items appear for high prices below their regular target. As soon as you find an item on GTN for a lower price than its regular price, grab it and keep it right away for sale again at a much higher price.

The above ways might be the current top three best ways for you to make money fast and easy in swtor, but there are a lot of other options.


Farming Nodes

Another solid and low risk way is farming nodes. On every server you will find tons of crafters and every time needs materials. Some low level materials are more expensive than the higher ones, because of crafting conquest items, so collect these and sell them on the GTN or directly to somebody. When you kill mobs, you will get an additional income. with plundering, bio and hacking, you can increase your income as a farming char.


In PVP, you can earn credits by completing matches, and you have the chance to get the rare items dropping as part of your reward every week.


Farming Daily Missions

There are a lot of daily areas, which at level cap can be completed in no time. The best way to each mission and order, and you can complete them to maximize effectiveness and minimize the “walking time”.


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