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What Is the Best Ranged Class for PVP in SWTOR

Bmichaellogan April 24th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

This is a real player NoblePlays’ video strategy. This video is going to tell you the best range class to play for pvp in the game. Here Gmemo will share it with swtor fans. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

I judged these characters and classes based on a couple things:

What kind of skills can they bring to the team?

 Do they have a lot of team friendly abilities, self-healing abilities or utilities?

There are three ranged classes you can play. If you really want to break them down on their public sides, you have the Gunslinger, the Commando and the Sage, and on the  Imperial side you have the Sith sorcerer, the Mercenary and the Sniper.

Those classes mirror each other, so the Gunslinger and Sniper are the same, the Sage and Sith sorcerer are the same, and the Mercenary & the Commando are the same, they are just called different things and different factions, but they are basically the exact same class just with different animations and skills, but it doesn’t change the fact that the fundamentals of the classes are exactly the same, so we are just going to discuss about each class.


Sniper or Gunslinger

This is probably one of the most dangerous range classes to play. It has a lot of vulnerabilities even you know how to play it, so it has a lot of shields and it like a big defense screen, but it lacks in self-healing. If you can manage to get the sniper out of power for a long time, you will absolutely melt it.

The key to being a good sniper is positioning, if your positioning is bad, you are going to die. Any range class not just exclusive to the sniper especially in rags, and people go straight up to an enemy target when he ranges you 30 meters for a distance, and for some reason you like to stay away from melee classes and other range classes when you are fighting. If you are a sniper, you can literally stay 30 meters away from a node. You can do your damage from 30 meters, it forces the melee classes to try to chase you and come into your range, you can stop them with leg shots and flashbangs to continue to keep the gap. You are able to utilize your utilities and abilities to do as much damage  and stay alive, this isn’t so easy, especially when you reach the higher level. When you get into ranked sniper that is one of the hardest classes to play, because you are in an arena setting, and everyone knows how to get sniper.


Commando or Mercenary

This is probably the friendly class for new player. You have a variety of different skills and things, and you can use them to keep your opponent away from these things, such as electro net, electric dart, concussion and missile. One of my favorite things about the mercenary is just how mobile it basically can do, most of your rotation moving, maybe stopping every once in a while to cast to tracer missile or something.

Mercenary probably has some of the crazy self-healing ability in the game, in terms of burst self-healing, so you have an ability called responsive safeguards, it basically reflect you are popular. It is not only reflect a ton of damages, but also get healed as you take.


Jedi Sage or Sith Sorcerer

This is another class that really doesn’t always depend on positioning, but it obviously has the optimal positioning. Because you were ranged too, so you want to stay that leg around 25 to 30 meters away from the person that you are fighting, I don’t do it all the time especially when I am in rags, because I don’t care when I am in ranked, I am always trying to stay as far away from my enemy as possible. When I can literally hit it with a thundering glass from 30 meters out obviously force barrier, it really takes the cake in terms of defensive ability, because you literally won’t take damage for eight seconds. If you expect into it, it will heal your team a favor by bubbling very late, so when you are at 20% health or lower, you can possibly get it. I see a lot of sorcerers get really scared and they bubble at 50% when they start taking a ton of burst damages, but I always try to wait until I under 20%, because I know my reaction time that I can pop it at 20%. I don’t know how to play Sorcerer, and you should learn how to play it, I really think the best range class to play for pvp is the Sith Sorcerer or Jedi Sage, since you are going to get so much from it, and you should take some time to learn some tips.


This is a pretty quick tip, but I think it’ll be very useful for many swtor fans, and it’s a great way to level up your characters and make more swtor credits quickly. If you are new here, it will be a good idea to bookmark our swtor news page for more news or guides in the future. Don’t forget to check out Gmemo.com when you are looking to buy swtor credits.


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