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3 Simple Tips to Win in SWTOR

Bmichaellogan February 27th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

This is a real player NoblePlays’ video. Gmemo as a professional swtor gold seller would like to share this guide: 3 simple tips to win your competitors in swtor, and then earn more swtor credits. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

Today I will give you 3 simple tips for you to win games in Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP!

It’s going to be a relatively simple video and it is three simple ways to win in ranked PvP. The different new ones of  rank camp awareness, and we try to figure out ways to manipulate the games too. You know work in our favor whether that be Cc’s or healing , a variety of things when it comes to win more games and ranked, and just winning in general. I think it’s an important. You know concept for us to understand what is best. We are trying to climb for rating and improve to win more.


No.1 Gear

Let’s go ahead and get start, the first thing that you need before queuing for ranked war zones is gear. I know enough about the classes that I am playing, I can overcome the gear that’s not always the case for some tunes that I play, but you are automatically handicapping yourself if you don’t have the appropriate set bonus or the appropriate gear, so I would recommend you grind hammer station or grind read Reaper if you are a stealth or you get all the 306 mods armoring and enhancements, that’s also give you the tech fragments to get the cellphone.

You need to maximize your DPS, your tanking or your healing, those are things that are very important, so be sure to pick up gear, that is very easy to go under geared, and then blame the other team or blame your teammates. I’ve taken a lot more damage that didn’t need to take, because I was under geared. I put my team in bad situations to set them up to lose the game on Z, because I didn’t have enough gear and I couldn’t take enough damage. There are little differences between gear and there was a big debate about last season gear, because of house set bonuses play into the game.

Now they feel  a little bit of different than in 5.0, so it is important to have 306 gear. This season with full 306 gear, I think I’ve come to 305 on most of my tunes. It is important to have your set bonus especially if you are doing DPS, you handicap yourself severely by not having the set bonus that you need to do maximum DPS. I am trying to work on returning to my shadow.

I played shadow and sith. I want to go back to do that and with the way. You need to have a set bonus and you are severely like handicapping your damage, and this something that was brought to my attention by my good guilty and good stash, that’s actually really funny. You know make sure you have the appropriate gear.


No.2 Class

You should learn your class, and don’t just learn the best rotation in pvp. Sometimes this is like clearly, but it’s not PvE, so you can’t just sit there and constantly do your rotation over and over again.

Sometimes you may have to use the skill ability to finish sheer Yolo aspect of task, so you are going to face with a variety of challenges in ranked. Maybe your one ability off CDEs, you just use a filter to try to damage and get the skill learn how to maneuver without your base rotation.

This is going to be important if you are a class that needs to do a lot of heavy kiting while still doing a decent amount of damage, keep the fight in your favor. Don’t just learn your basic rotation, you should learn how to counter your own class and how to position yourself. I see a lot of players who have poor position in ranked, and that’s very important, so learn your class and all the little nuances, and you will do better in your game.


No.3  Practice

Last but not least,  it’s practice. That’s not new to anyone, but you have to practice to accept the challenges and improve in ranked.

Alderaan civil war is able to go on my shadow and trying my best to solo whoever’s guarding, because a lot of ranks can come down to a 1v1 sometimes, so if you know how to practice 1v1 certain classes, you will have a huge advantage in your games, and you can practice that by doing rag war zones or dueling with someone. You should know what they do and how they react, and then make your judgment on that, but anyway that’s all I wanted to say. This part is important and the simplest ways to win in ranked.


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