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Beginners Quick Guide to Ranked PvP in SWTOR

Bmichaellogan February 13th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

Last week we have introduced  SWTOR PvP Guide, today we continue sharing Beginners quick guide to ranked pvp.

This is a real player NoblePlays’ video quick guide. In this video, Gmemo will talk about the 3 easiest things you need to get, in order to play Ranked Warzones in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

This is probably the most requested video, and most people get excited about PvP ranked. I want people to block out the toxicity and just enjoy playing a competitive playlist. What better way to help people do that than to tell them exactly what they need to do before even queuing ranked, so it is video. We are going to go over the top three things that you need before you queue solo ranked or group ranked in season 12.


Get a Stem

First thing that you are going to need is a stem now. There are variety of stems out there, you can either buy them on the GTN or you can craft them if you have biochem. I usually buy them, I have biochem and continue to buy stems from the GTN, so if you don’t have them or if you do craft you can make them, but there are different sims for different roles.

Tanking will have a stem of their own DPS level and healing will have a stem, you can interchange them whenever you want. I know some people like to run DPS stems when healing and by DPS, I just mean that the mastery stem and things like that, so you can really interchange.

Those two tanks really depend on your play style. What you are going for and what your build is, so keep in mind when you are looking for a stem, but stems are relatively cheap, you can get them for under 100k swtor credits sometimes. You can get a stack of ten or more for like a 1.5 million, some stems are really cheap, so always be sure to get a stem, it is very important.



Set Bonus

Set bonus could not have a bigger role in this patch, it is so important that you pick up your set bonus. Now again when it comes to set bonuses, it depends on what you run and what you are looking to get out of it, so for me on my source in particular.

 I am the gathering storm with the storm watch tactical, you won’t see a lot of damage with that until you get the six pieces, that’s pretty true of most classes and most specs, so you are going to grind out those tech fragments to get the six piece set bonus, each piece costs 3000 tech fragments and a million swtor gold, so make sure you are getting all of set bonus before healing, it will make your healing better, it will make your tanking better and it will make your DPS better. In a case where you are a master of the class, and you get away with running a four piece or a two pieces users trying to Yolo it, but if  you are new to this, I would highly recommend that you don’t do Yolo, it make sure that you know minimizing the amount of mistakes. Because you don’t want your team to flame you or anything like that. If you have the gear you know, it just comes down to learning how to play. Last but not least, it is the 305 to 306 item.


Raiding Gear

Raiding gear that is really what you want to go for ranking, obviously you want to get 306 if you got 305, your only missing like a modern enhancement, you can get away with something like that , so you can grind out these mods flash points or whatever you want to do in the game you can get it through PvP. I think the best way to do is just to do it through flash points and get items.

For example you get another generator, another pistol or an assault, but you can’t just take the mods out of it. You can put the mods in the other gear, just grind hammer sation on all the tunes, and then break everything down to grab the mods. If you have 306 stuff, and then you have extra tech fragments to buy more set bonuses, so that is what you need.

This is a real quick way as an honorable mention warzone med packs and warzone adrenals. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory get your warzone med packs get your warzone adrenals, so you can do more damage and take reduced damage that will do so much for your play anyway.


Lastly, there are other ways to do well it. If you can level up fast, you will feel more enjoyable in the game. Swtor credits for sale on reliable site gmemo.com, when you need swtor credits, you can buy it from us, and we won’t let you down. 



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