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SWTOR Update 6.1.1: Personal Conquests’ Changes

Bmichaellogan May 01st, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

Swtor Update 6.1.1 is now live. There are some aspects of Personal Conquests’ changes you should know.

Personal Conquest is a way of completing rotating weekly objectives in SWTOR to earn some great rewards by playing different parts of the game. When you complete certain tasks, such as flashpoints or warzones that change each week, you can gain points. Conquest is also a way for guilds to compete against each other and work together as a group, if your guild meets their guild goals, you can earn some additional rewards.

Here Gmemo.com would like to tell you some personal conquests’ changes. All of the content of this article is quoted from this real player Food Then Games’ video.

Different things you can do for conquest has changed: some of the rewards and tiers of different conquest levels, depending on what level your character is. Today I will walk through all of the changes, so you can complete your personal conquests, get you started on these new conquests’ changes.



Hadley is a max level character, I will show you a lower level character, so you can see the differences between what you can do and what you can’t do, what the rewards are and so on.  

That personal conquest and comes in three different level  tiers: level 10 – 49, level 50 - 70, and level 71 plus, so anybody that’s a max level character you are going to be in that level 71 plus. Hadley is the most important thing to note about these at different level tiers.

If you are level 15, but you should get to level 55 by the end of the week, you are only receive the rewards for that initial tier that you started in, so if you increase up three tiers go from level time to 75 in a week, you are going to get always at level 10 to 49 rewards, so keep in mind when you go ahead and complete your conquest, however these new conquest changes, I am enjoying  them so much and they are much more friendly to a large amount of play styles, and you definitely don’t have to be a veteran, so let’s dive into your Hadley’s changes.

If you go ahead and hit a J on your keyboard, you will be brought up to your log; if you just want to click into conquest, you can see what Hadley has and done for her progress, so far we haven’t done conquest this week, and these are the rewards that are going to be available. I have completed the personal conquest, and you can see what the stronghold bonuses, what the time remaining is and all good stuff bring an update to the interface. It definitely looks a little fresher and a little newer.

I think it looks a little bit more polished than before, you will see Hadley is in the level 71 plus category, so if you are a lower level character, it will show you what level you are in and I will show you on a different character. Now you can see there are different things that you can complete it for your personal conquest objective this week, there are so many more things than we used to have, it’s pretty awesome.



Let’s say titania - one of my other characters and do the same thing. Bear in mind when you are planning out your conquest objectives and we do the exact same thing as the older conquest system. Now if you scroll down there are a lot of things with a daily repeatable, and then there are the things that are infinitely repeatable, so if I keep scrolling down, you will come to these triangle symbols that are a darker color and they have an infinite symbol next to them, so for instance activity finder flash points, you can do that an infinite amount of times in a day, and you just queue up for in a flash point, you will get yourself more of the conquest points, and then there are a few things that do not apply to the daily repeatable, such as galactic rampage, if you kill 200 enemies across the galaxy, you will get yourself quite the amount of renown points.

If you have three, four or five characters, they can all contributes to this, and then you can finish them on characters, in order to get them done really quickly, so this new system does feel like it’s alternate character friendly, so if you are somebody like me and you have a ton of characters, this is definitely going to be a lot easier to complete.


Progress Bar

Now the other cool thing with this new system is that you have a progress bar at the top, and it is actually flashing with how much XP, this is going to fill in you bar, so if I click in and statue in renown rank up, that is a teeny tiny amount and you can see that reflected in as it fills on the bar, so it’s also a really great tool to use when you plan what you are going to do with each of your characters.



Galaxy Map

If you click “open Galaxy Map”, it will actually bring you to the galaxy map, so you can quite easily travel to wherever. If you want to queuing for a flashpoint, you can open up the activity finder. If it’s something that is very specific in what you have to do. If they complete a very particular mission or if you need to flatten this flashpoint, so you can open up that activity finder or just grant the mission, so if they are making it a lot easier to find and navigate over to whatever your are going to you conquest.

Let’s head over and look at a character that is a little bit lower level, so you can see how the conquests have changed. I’ve navigated on a lower level character and if I open up the conquest for you to look at, you can see that a few different things are available, that is actually says levels 10 to 49 as opposed to level 71 plus, so it tells you what level the rewards are going to be at and the rewards that you are getting are slightly different than what we had at level 71 plus, so tech fragments and stuff that are not available on the lower level. There are some conquest objectives for lower level characters that are not available for max rank characters and vice-versa.

Those are conquest objectives that are meant for the lower level characters in order to help them rank up conquest faster, so depending on what level character you have. Now if you log into a character that is under a level 10, you will come up to a screen and you can’t do conquest. You should  reach level 10, and then it will unlock for you, so bear in mind that is pretty much what has changed within the personal conquest.



Personal conquests changes are definitely a lot more enjoyable to do on any level character, just bear in mind that a few things that have definitely changed. Enjoy your time. If you want to learn more swtor news or guides, you can visit: Gmemo.

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