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Which Class Should I Play in SWTOR?

Bmichaellogan March 13th, 2020 SWTOR    Swtor Credits   

These are the factors you should keep in mind when choosing a class:

What type of story are you looking for?

Are you looking for close range combat or far range combat?

Are you hoping to be a damage-based player, healer or tank in combat?

What type of weapon do you want to wield?

You can look at the classes and their advanced classes to see which one you want to play.

Here Gmemo.com would like to share the guide with you: which SWTOR class should I play?

 Some of the content of this article is quoted from a real player Swtorista’s video.


What are classes and advanced classes?

There are eight classes in the game, and each one has a distinct storyline that you can only experience on that class.

You can play all parts of the game with every class in SWTOR, because they are fairly well balanced. Base on your like game style, it may be more important for you to choose storline or choose a class that fits your combat style, especially if you plan on doing PvP or Operations.

Advanced classes are specialized careers that characters can choose in Star Wars. Each Advanced class increases your effectiveness in the roles that class is able to fill in the game.

While you select a Class when you first create your character, your initial Class barely scratches the surface of the breadth of options that become available to you. As you become more powerful, complete your missions and make your way off of your Origin World, you will have the opportunity to specialize in an Advanced Class. These Class specializations open up to you once you reach level 10 and provide many ways for you to play through the game, with each Advanced Class offering multiple skill and ability paths that you can follow.


Republic or Empire

Republic faction includes these classes: Trooper, Smuggler, Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular

Empire faction includes these classes: Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent, Sith Inquisitor

If you have much time, I highly recommend playing each class at least once. They are all part of a greater over-arching storyline that makes up the lore of SWTOR.

If you only have time to play one, I suggest the Imperial Agent on the Empire side or the Jedi Knight on the Republic side.


How to Choose a Class?

If you plan on continuing to play your character after completing the storyline, you should consider the performance of a class in combat.  

There are three classes that can be tanks, three that can be healers and all eight can be DPS.

You should make sure to choose a class that has that option available if you want to be a tank or healer.

Once you choose a class, later you will be able to choose an Advanced Class. Your Advanced Class is a permanent choice, and will lock you into playing certain roles and using certain abilities.

If you plan on doing group content, I suggest choosing a ranged class. Ranged classes are highly favored in almost every fight. You will also have a better view of the entire fight.


Which Class is the Best?

Choose a class that you think it has an enjoyable storyline, a combat style and advance class you will like to play on. Here I only show the top three classes, which is quoted from this article.

1. Imperial Agent

The Agent’s story is not only full of mystery and exciting well done plot twists, but also delivers many of the crucial details of how the story of The Old Republic shakes down. 


2. Jedi Knight

From earning your first lightsaber to a final duel against the Sith Emperor himself. I would go as far as to describe the Jedi Knight story as being the essential Star Wars experience.

If you want to play through the epic space opera adventure story, this one if for you.


3. Smuggler

The story is full of laughs as you roam across the galaxy dealing with the back alley scum that no other class gets nearly as much access to.

If there was something I could say that was shining about the Smuggler that puts it so high on the list, it would be that the story just snowballs itself down a mountain.  


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